Web site redesign

After a couple of years of stagnation with only minor tweaks, I decided to to an overhaul. At first I was going to simply update the projects and experience areas using my old style, but that didn’t quite seem good enough.

Over the coming weeks and months, I will be releasing a couple of Java frameworks under an open license, and I needed a way to share what’s good about them with potential users, and to receive good feedback from clients and other users.

I had used WordPress for a personal project last year, and was impressed with it’s ability to let me get simple things done simply without keeping me from doing other things I wanted.

These three items have brought me to this point, sitting in my hotel the night before JavaOne putting the final tweaks on release 0.1 of my new website. I’m sure I will be tweaking, moving, and rearranging for several days or weeks (I am a tinkerer at heart), but the basic structure seems good to me.

— Doug