T-88 on my 90 day odyssey brings a little more clarity to my thoughts

Day T-88 Accomplishments (Wednesday, January 13, 2010)

Earlier this evening I spent a little while talking over my game idea with a couple of guys who have bright young minds, and even better, an iPhone and an iPod Touch! Pretty sure they will be two of my early beta testers and that I will get some good feedback from them.

I am thinking through some basic decisions I need to make, even if only temporarily:

  • Should the game play and display be 2d, 2d play but 3d-ish looking, or full-up 3d,
  • Depending on how 3d-ish the game becomes, what sorts of controls would work,
  • Should I be doing straight OpenGL, Cocos2D, or some other game engine.

I downloaded several new (to me) 3d games to explore different control styles (and have fun!). Any suggestions about great controls in iPhone games would be greatly appreciated. About to try these games to see how they manage game controls:

  • Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 3D
  • Deer Hunter 3D
  • Galaxy on Fire 3D Lite
  • Glyder
  • Jump Then Fall 3D
  • Koi Pond 3D
  • MyReef 3D Aquarium
  • TowerMadness
  • Wolfenstein RPG