T-86 was over allocated, but I still found some useful tools

Having a plan to spend quality time each day on my iPhone project has made it clear how much I over allocate my days. I am not discouraged by that, but I do need to manage my time and commitments carefully over the remaining 86 days if I am to reach my goal.

I allocated the first week of my 90 days for playing and thinking knowing that I might not have anything “real” when it was up, so I decided to try one or two game engines to speed up my idea prototyping.

My goal for Saturday is to have a prototype using SIO2 for one game play mechanic, and then try something similar with just OpenGL ES to make a reasonable comparison of my effectiveness with each.

Day T-86 Accomplishments (Friday, January 15, 2010)

  • Researched 3D tools and game engines online
  • Selected the SIO2 3D game engine to try first
  • Tried out some of the SIO2 tutorials
  • Dinner, discussions, and a movie with family and friends