T-83 A step backward so I can move forward

On my first flight tonight, I moved back to paper and pencil to work through what I really want to do over the next few evenings. I’ve always been much better at sleeping or reading in coach class than writing, but it has been helpful to work within the constraints of a yellow pad and an airline seat.

Even though I was not able to spend as much time on this project last week as I had hoped, I could have been more effective with what time I had. The one thing I will work to correct is to keep my focus tight over several evenings, and not start on something different each time I have a work session. I hope this allows me to get back into the flow more quickly on subsequent nights.

For the immediate future, I will not be able to dedicate one or more full days to this project — so I hope to simulate a full day over the course of several evenings.

Day T-83 Accomplishments (Monday, January 18, 2010)

  • Streamlined design for first prototype
  • Sketched out thoughts for what comes next

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