T-73 For a day spent in airports, I've gotten a fair amount done

I managed to get several hours of work done in airports today.

I decided I had learned enough from my prototyping to build a true game, although a simple one. So I changed my tactics this morning, and I will not end up with a workable prototype for my family to try tonight, but I am pleased with my current direction.

I started a new project sitting in the Minneapolis/St Paul airport, and will copy the ideas and perhaps some code snippets from my prototypes into a revised, simpler game model. I have several prototype projects with useful code snippets and ideas, but they are all too messy to be worth refactoring.

Day T-73 Accomplishments (Thursday, January 28, 2010)

  • Designed simpler model for game world for first version of the game during my first flight
  • Started a new, clean project for my game during break between flights