T-62 I now have enough of an app to begin evaluating "fun-ness" of idea

I spent less time on my app tonight, but have more information from this session — feels like I’m finally seeing some traction from my work the last week or two.

Unit tests are great — takes away my worries about breaking something while I play. I could use some more tests for existing behavior, but I have enough to be reasonably comfortable at this stage. I now have enough infrastructure in place that as I add more behavior, I can add tests as I go.

I have a very simple black and white OpenGL view running that is giving me some feedback, but I think I need to implement one more piece of my design to get a better idea. So far, so good. I am reasonably satisfied with where the game play is heading, but there is tons left to do.

Day T-62 Accomplishments (Monday, February 8, 2010)

  • Found and fixed errors discovered from unit tests added yesterday
  • Added more detailed tests, found some edge cases that needed to be fixed and fixed them as well
  • Tweaked some configuration parameters to try different variants of input styles