T-56 Time for a course and schedule check

I’m a little bit past a 30 day review so this will be more like a five week review. It was a profitable week for my consulting work, but also consumed much more of my time and emotional energy than I had anticipated. My consulting work week coming up will be full, but hopefully not overflowing as much as this past one.

Initial commitments and goals

My commitment on day T-90 was to have my first app in the store before 360iDev begins, which included the following:

  1. spend at least one hour advancing the state of my app (designing, coding, thinking, marketing, something)
  2. report on my activity via twitter with the hashtags #90days #360idev
  3. summarize my progress (or lack thereof) here: https://sunetos.com/tags/90days

My very rough outline for the first five weeks was:

  • Week 1: brainstorming ideas, planning, play with ideas
  • Week 2: develop enough of a prototype to begin getting feedback from others
  • Week 3-5: iterate through prototypes, expanding feedback circle

How I did

My progress to date along with my satisfaction level on a scale from zero to ten:

  • (6/10) Time: Spent at least an hour on my project for 28 out of last 35 days, not as much as I had hoped, but a couple of those days were close to a full work day
  • (9/10) Accountability: I have reported via web posts and twitter on a daily basis with the exception of the last two days — I’m not sure anyone reads it, but it has helped to keep me more focused
  • (8/10) Idea: I have a solid idea I am pursuing, even to the point of postponing what seemed like some other good ideas for the moment
  • (6/10) Prototyping: I have prototyped enough game behavior to be satisfied that it is worth pursuing, but I would like to be farther along
  • (1/10) Feedback: I barely have enough to show others right now, and thus have received very little feedback from them yet

Overall, I am still excited about the idea and believe that I have enough skill and time to make better progress over the next two weeks. My goal for this week is to have a minimally playable game that a few others can try, and then for the next week to begin working on some real graphic elements for the game.

Day T-56 Accomplishments (Sunday, February 14, 2010)

  • Evaluated progress against original commitments and goals
  • Mapped out goals for next two weeks