T-46 Almost to the mid-point, time for a project review…maybe tomorrow

Last Thursday was the last time I worked on my project–I was sure I had control of my schedule and that I would be able to spend most of Friday working on it as well. But, on Friday, my schedule took control of me instead and I only escaped this morning. My main consulting project consumed most of that time, but we pushed the latest release out to QA this morning, and I believe the next few days will be a great opportunity to get some quality time in on my iPhone project.

I left my project in a broken state the last time I worked it, including a stupid, but insidious bug that would have taken the entire evening to track down if I didn’t have a decent set of unit tests for that particular class. Fortunately, after about 20 minutes of remembering where I was, the failing tests pointed me to a small block of code and led to a fairly quick fix.

I once again believe I will be able to spend most of tomorrow on this project (hope springs eternal!). But, even if I can’t, at least I am leaving my project in a working state.

Day T-46 Accomplishments (Wednesday, February 24, 2010)

  • Finished an input gesture refactoring that left my project in a broken state last session
  • Reclaimed control of my schedule (at least temporarily)