T-33 Thinking about putting game idea on back burner to work on idea with a colleague

I had a conversation today with a friend that I work with regularly in my day job. We had talked a couple of months ago about an iPhone app idea that we both believed had merit. After our conversation today, I am beginning to think it is the right time to at least build a prototype.

My thought process has been something like this:

  • By continuing with my idea, I will keep my focus and steady progress will eventually produce a product I am pleased with. But even with overly optimistic estimates of available time, I will not have something ready for the app store in the next month
  • Some of my game ideas could benefit from a few weeks of gestation
  • I still have much to learn about OpenGL game development, and what I learn at 360iDev in San Jose will be good leverage in further development
  • I am much more comfortable with UIKit development (non-OpenGL), and could produce a workable prototype for the joint idea much more quickly
  • My game (so far) is a solo endeavor, the other app would be a joint effort which should help keep me on track
  • The scope of the joint idea is narrow enough that we can have something in the app store much sooner than I could on my own

I haven’t lost interest or hope in my game idea, but tonight I will spend my development time playing around with the other idea.

Day T-33 Accomplishments (Tuesday, March 9, 2010)

  • Consider options for how to spend my limited iPhone development time