Doug’s iPad mini-review

I can’t type on it very well, but…

  • I’m a touch typist, and nothing short of physical edges and full size keys will satisfy me enough to use anything for lots of typing
  • I think I will end up being as proficient on it’s keyboard as on the iPhone using the two index finger method
  • I bought a bluetooth keyboard that works well, so I’m satisfied

Typing conclusion: I’d rather have the full touch surface like it is, than squeeze in some dinky physical keyboard.

I don’t know if it’s a game-changer, but…

  • I can’t set it down without someone else in the house snarfing it up thus requiring me to pry it out of their hands when I need it
  • It won’t replace my MacBook Pro or my iPhone, but after only a few days, I think it’s a keeper
  • It is highly likely that I will be purchasing a second unit for *my* exclusive use in app development plans

Game changer conclusion: No one really knows, but I think it might be.

I have never owned a Kindle, but…

  • I copied over all my PragProd ebooks, and I think I like it better than the paper version here at my desk
  • If I’m on the beach reading a book, I’m pretty sure I want a throwaway paperback book anyway…too much sand and salt
  • I think it will work on my hammock 🙂

Reading conclusion: It’s a winner for me.

I’m not a hard core gamer, nor a consistent casual gamer, but…

  • Games on the iPad seem more fun for me, perhaps it’s just the newness
  • Interacting directly with the game on a reasonable size screen really draws me in (fat fingers and bad eyes here 🙂 )

Gaming: I might end up playing more games on the iPad than I ever did on my pc, mac, iPhone, XBox360, or Wii.