Breaking my iOS development logjam

Like most iOS developers that have client work or a job that is not primarily iOS related, my iOS development goes in spurts. I finished a iOS project for a client in June, since then it has come to a standstill because of family time and work commitments. But, this week I am working on-site at a client, so while I am away from home I plan to use my evenings to break my logjam. Shortly after returning home, all my kids will be back off to college, and I will have more time available to spend on iOS work, so hopefully I will be able to keep some momentum.

My first task was to pick something from my list of game ideas that has a small enough scope that I can have a playable game by the time I return home Friday.

I believe my best chance of getting something playable that is reasonably fun is to use a game mechanic I tried during the last 360iDev GameJam, but chose not to follow up. I have some working code to use as an example, and with some modifications I think there is potential for it to be fun. The graphics and sound will initially be very simple since they can chew up a lot of my time and leave me with yet another unfinished idea.

Since I had to take a morning flight, I still have several hours of design and development time available today, and I hope to have a few hours available most evenings this week without shortchanging my client work.

Off to XCode!