Post JavaOne

After a red-eye return flight from JavaOne, and a couple of days catching up on my personal todo list, it’s time to get back to work.

Working as an independent, the decision matrix for things like conferences is a little different, but my overall impression was that it was worth going to JavaOne. It was my first time, and probably will not be my last. It provided an opportunity to spend time with those for whom and with whom I have worked over the last year that I probably would not have had otherwise.

My first todo generated by the conference is to join JCP, and become involved with JSR-295 which deals with JavaBeans and data binding. I had planned on packaging and releasing a data binding framework under some open source license (developed with help from others) soon, but JSR-295 appears to take a very similar approach to binding.

If there are good business reasons to approach a problem domain differently that existing tools or frameworks, I don’t have a problem with doing so. But, in this case, it appears that what JSR-295 will be developing will cover the most common and useful use cases that my framework handles. Hopefully, some of my code will be useful to the project.