T-75 Add better feedback to prototype, beginning to get a feel for what makes a good gesture

I managed to get in a couple of hours on my prototype this evening, and made some useful additions to it.

I fixed a couple of (dumb) calculation errors, and added a simple view with labels to provide on-screen feedback. (My first version only updated the log.) It made it much easier to change gesture parameters and test their effect on the game state. I like the basic gestures and think they will work well for my game.

Tomorrow evening, I will make the game model in the prototype a little more complex. Hopefully, I can finish that soon enough so I can begin work on a simple OpenGL interface. To get a better feel for gameplay, I need graphical feedback, probably just color changes and simple images, instead of labels and text. By the time I arrive home on Thursday night, I hope to have something my wife and daughter can try — I want some feedback before I move forward.

Day T-75 Accomplishments (Tuesday, January 26, 2010)

  • Corrected some errors in my gesture tracking code
  • Add immediate feedback on screen to get a better feel for the gestures