T-76 Learned some useful stuff from simple prototypes this evening

I tried out some things tonight in a simple prototype, and I like it so far.

One of the key game actions is a composite of a single touch series. What happens in the game depends on the initial delay between the touchesBegan to the first touchesMoved, and then on the changing velocity of the subsequent movements. I am using a rolling average for the velocity so the game can detect accelerating and decelerating motions. Right now it uses the last 20 movements, but I will play around with that and other values to get the right behavior for the action.

I need more granularity in my prototype and a little more feedback so I can tell if it is a good way to play or not, but it seems good so far. I’ve thought about whether multi-touch will add value to the game, but for now I am sticking with single touch.

Day T-76 Accomplishments (Monday, January 25, 2010)

  • Tested game action behavior based on touch movement series
  • Tied game action to a simple model of the game world to track results