T-45 Mid-point, no major changes in direction, just pressing onward

I didn’t spend a lot of time evaluating things at the mid-point — my natural tendency is to over analyze, so I’m going to give it a quick check:

  • Progress is not as fast as I had hoped, but I *am* making progress
  • I over-estimated my available time, but I have not been that far off the mark overall–I just need to be disciplined with the time I have
  • I do not know if I will have my app in the store before 360iDev, but I’m not discouraged–it will be done when it’s done
  • I over-reached a bit early on, but I think I’m doing a reasonable job of keeping over-analysis and feature-creep at bay

My project is a game that involves digging motions where you push material around with touches. Today I modified my tool handling to start taking into account the direction of the movement. I added code for rotations as well as decent unit tests, but still have some odd behavior with the gestures–fixing that behavior will have to wait until Friday.

Day T-45 Accomplishments (Thursday, February 25, 2010)

  • Added tool rotation code to gesture handling