T-10 Getting fired up for 360iDev in San Jose!

My original 90 day project plan has faded without completely failing or succeeding. I don’t know if I will do any more 90days posts before 360iDev or not, but I know I will be able to spend more time each day between now and the conference focusing on iPhone development.

Since I set my own goals, I get to define success — so I’m declaring success for my 90 day project, regardless of the details. 🙂

My general goal was to spend steady and regular time working on my skill set, knowledge, and comfort level with the tools.

  • I am very comfortable with the tool set, and most sessions I get into the “flow” fairly quickly.
  • I am pleased with my knowledge and understanding of key APIs, and look forward to expanding that over the coming weeks.
  • I wish I could have spent more time on app development, but I am reasonably happy with what I was able to do.
  • I am definitely learning what it takes to carve out time regardless of other projects.

I am disappointed that I do not have an app ready for the app store. A combination of things kept me from getting close on my initial idea, and the app I am pursuing now languished for almost two weeks with no activity. I have been working to get ahead of the game on other commitments so I could focus more time on iPhone work in general and my app in particular.

I am very pleased that I lined up some contract work for iPhone development this past week. Some of my non-iPhone work commitments are coming to a close, so I can be more aggressive in pursing iPhone contract work in the coming weeks.

I am really getting fired up about the 360iDev conference, only 10 days away!

  • I don’t know how well I will “perform” at this year’s GameJam, but I have high hopes.
  • I am completely immersing myself in iPhone/iPad development by spending the following weekend at iPadDevCamp, I hope to be able to pass some new threshold of comfort and flow with the tools and APIs before it’s over.
  • My lofty goal is to have the solid core of an app working after the 9 day trip.

I do know I will be renewing old friendships, making new ones, and exploring new opportunities while in San Jose.