T-77 Week two comes to a close and the team spirit is still good

Okay, so the team currently consists of just me — but I have high hopes!

I spent an hour or so on my project today and was able to make decent progress on what I started Saturday.

My goal for the coming week is to finish one of the core behaviors and tie it into a simple 2D interface to get a feeling for the potential “fun” level. My stretch goal is to expand it to 3D.

I am at my client’s office through Wednesday and we are wrapping up some important discussions and planning, so I am unsure how mentally alert I will be in the evenings. I’m hoping that this project will be a welcome mental diversion.

I am going on a ski trip with my daughter this weekend, so I will be taking a sabbatical from this project on Friday and Saturday.

Day T-77 Accomplishments (Sunday, January 24, 2010)

  • Implemented initial version of some basic game behavior
  • Set project goals for the week