T-63 Xcode configuration 1, me 0 — but I have a rudimentary working GUI

I spent (wasted?) an hour or so this afternoon trying to figure out what I did to mess up my Xcode project, but gave up and punted.

I started today with a working configuration with a separate target for the GHUnit test suite app. I added some more tests for an error I had caught last night, made what I thought were a few minor changes, but evidently changed something in the target configuration. The end result was that no matter what I did, I could not get the GHUnit test suite app to run. Unfortunately, I had made enough changes to my code and test cases without doing ‘git commit’ that I decided making a new project might be faster than rolling back to the last commited version. (It was)

I decided I didn’t understand enough about the interdependencies of Xcode configuration parameters, and started with a clean project, added the GHUnit pieces to it and had a working, simple project with two targets that behaved properly. I then copied my existing code into the new project, built, and things ran as I expected. I wish I knew what I did wrong earlier, because I am likely to do it again.

On the bright side, I have a simple version of my OpenGL view running using data from my game engine — which clearly showed an error I had not caught earlier. Those were the test cases I was building when I messed up my project.

Day T-63 Accomplishments (Sunday, February 7, 2010)

  • Reinforced something I should have remembered: It is very wise to make frequent, small commits
  • Learned that I know less about Xcode configuration and build steps than I thought I did
  • Finally saw results from game engine and movements in a rudimentary OpenGL view